From the observation platform of the chair lift at the top of Malaya Sinyuha you can see the picturesque surroundings, among which there is a beautiful corner of nature - Lake Manzherok.

Lake in summer is well warmed up and is a popular tourist and leisure destination. In summer the beach area, summer cafes, attractions, bicycles and catamarans are organized on the lake, the entrance to the beach is free.

Manzherok Lake (Manzherok, South Manurek) is a lake on the terrace of the right bank of the Katun, at an altitude of 423 meters above sea level. The length of the lake is 1112 m, the maximum width is 400 m, the depth is 2.5-2.8 m, the area is 37.6 ha. In 1966, a festival of friendship between Mongolian and Soviet youth was held on the lake, specifically for which the song "Tell me, my friend, what is Manzherok?" Was written. In the performance of Edita Pyekha.

The lake is a monument of nature. Around the lake there are many species of birds, some of them are listed in the Red Book. The lake stands out among other water bodies of the Altai Mountains with a wide variety of aquatic plants, totaling 25 species. In July in the middle of the lake you can see a lot of flowering white water lilies. The lake is also famous for its endemic - a water chestnut chilim, listed in the Red Book. In people, a nut is called a "devil" because of its bizarre shape and is considered a symbol of the Manzherok lake.

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