Excursions Length, km. (in the both sides) Duration, h Price for 1 person/rub. Extra pays, rub.
"Valley of Mountain Spirits" Chechkysh Gorge, observation deck, waterfall, petroglyphs, ancient mounds, marble cave, riddle of the shaman cliff, photo in the vest of an ancient volcano, the Oraktoy Bridge. by car 300 km
by foot 3 km
10 1000 +40
Amazing Altai: passes Seminsky, Chike Taman, the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers, ancient path, rock drawings of Kalbak-Tash. by car 600 km one day 2000 +100
Big Tavdinskaya cave, eagle grotto, "Arch of desires", the nostrils of the dragon by car 80 km. 4 500 +100
Apiary "Honeymoon" degustation of mead and honey, tea on herbs, health from the hive! by car 50 km 3 500 +100
"Kamyshlinsky Falls": "The Tsar's Hunt", Arzhan-Suu spring, souvenirs. by car 90 km, + 5 km by foot

4 600

Chemal: to the origins of Christianity in the Altai, Patmos Island, The temple on the island and the monastery of St. John the Theologian, Chemal hydropower plant, springs. by car 200 km + 2 km by foot 6 700
Circumnavigation around Altai Mountains: Chemal, Patmos Island, temple on the island, Chemal Hydroelectric power station, Tavdinsky caves, Cheremshanskiy waterfall and holy spring

by car 200km + 2km by car

8-10 1200 +100, +50

Climbing the "Devil's Finger" mountain to a unique natural and ancient historical monument.

by car 5 km, 1 km by foot

2 200

Local History Museum in Gorno-Altaisk: Princess Ukoka, unique exhibits of the history of the Altai Mountains.

by car 50 km

4 500


Cheremshanskiy waterfall and holy key - a source with unique water properties, consecrated in 2008.

by car 30 km, 1,5 km by foot

2 200 Containers for water
"Maralnik": we feed marals, drink from a mountain spring, a sightseeing tour of the maralnik, products of maral breeding. by car 80 km 3 500 +150

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