Visiting the park, you will get a charge of positive emotions and physical activity, which can be compared with a visit to the gym. Conducting corporate team building in the park will rally your team, check for the strength of each employee.

Cost of the service: 400 rubles.

Time of passage: unlimited. The instructor (the prepared person, the sportsman) passes all line for 10-15 minutes. The beginner will have to spend on the whole route from 25 to 40 minutes.

 "Family" route

Designed for visitors from 12 years old, from 140 cm tall. Located at an altitude of 6-8 meters. It consists of 10-20 tasks, the total length of about 200 meters, the height - from 2 m to 15 m. Start: a climbing ladder or climbing wall, ends with a trolley.

Proceeding from the peculiarities of the construction, the complexity of the stages, it is not allowed to visit this kind of trails by children under 12 years old and growing below 140 cm. This is because the family trails are designed for people physically strong, able to correctly assess their physical and emotional state. On the other hand, no stage involves the use of brute physical force, so it is suitable for both men and women. To complete the entire route, you will need, first of all, dexterity, ability to keep balance.

Recommendations for clothing for visitors:

It is recommended to go through stages in sports clothing (sports suits, shorts ...);

Shoes should be comfortable and light. NO KABLUKOV !!!! The best shoes are sneakers / sneakers;

Before the passage of the stage, it is necessary to leave mobile phones, watches, chains, bracelets, rings on the ground. First of all, it will preserve the integrity of these items and exclude their loss.

Recommendations for visitors:

1) Before sending you to the "height", the instructor will explain to you the insurance device, show and tell how to use the insurance system ... Listen to every word if something is not understood - ask again !!

2) If you have health problems (low / high blood pressure, asthma, breathing problems, contraindications to physical activity, etc.), tell the instructor in advance. If there are people on the track with some problems (health), the instructor will first of all help them. To this amendment, I ask all to treat with understanding. Soberly assess their capabilities! Your health is in your hands !!!

3) Do not remove, correct, twist, or loosen the insurance at all. When the instructor "dresses" you, walk around a bit, sit down. If you feel uncomfortable, tell the instructor about it. All preparations must be made on the ground.

4) If you get sick at the stage, you are tired or scared, try to reach the intermediate platform, calm down, relax. Report any worsening of your status to the instructor. It will be easier and faster to lower you from the site than from the middle of the stage.

5) At the stage (between intermediate sites) there must be ONE person. On the site, you can be two or three, but on an obstacle to go out only by ONE person.

6) Having reached the last stage (trolls / tarzanka) it is forbidden to independently reconnect the carbines, to descend. Descent on the trolley is carried out strictly under supervision and with the permission of the instructor.

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